Marketing Consultation

Life as KING isn't just a brand but a business that assist other established businesses and look forward to building with other creatives and intuitive business within any industry. Here are the marketing services I provide,

Prices are contingent of the project concept and time to complete

  • Web Design- reformatting template layouts to your company or organizations needs. To maximize your product or services brand 
  • Promotional Planning- formulating a strategic plan to implement into your business model for a period of time to maximize profit, exposure, or awareness 
  • Start- Up Strategy planning- Creating a plan for a newly established business to progress effectively and entering the market with tangible goals 

Creative Services

  • Creative Direction- Outlining concepts for Photographers, assisting them in directing models to achieve the desired composition and capture the planned image
  • Treatment Writing- writing a prose of a concept for a videographer for a short film, music video, screenplay, or feature
  • Visual Producing- Organizing a cast & crew to complete project, maintaining timeline and budget, and creating a marketing plan to promote media. 

Here are a few businesses I have work closely with since their establishment click there logos to check out their work and the services they provide .