The Talk Behind "These Walls"

     One of the most talented MC's in the game has inspired the King yet again. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, yes Duckworth, released on October 28th, 2015 another video for his latest album "To Pimp a Butterfly". The track titled "These Walls" featured vocals from two soulful artist Anna Wise & Bilal with instrumental contributions from Thundercat. K-Dot surpassed expectations again with an extended storyline format,directed by Colin Tiley & the Lil Homies of course, adding elements to reveal a song's message in the most colorful and symbolic visual.

      The average listener and hardcore hip-hop fan can draw a dozen subjective meanings left and right from each bar. Kendrick and his creative team captivated the world with an album possessing personal messages. "These Walls" illustrates two meanings: sexual healing and the plight of depression. The phrase These Walls is rhythmically being interchanged as the barriers of the yoni and the obstacles of life and rising stardom. Tiley and Lamar painted the best picture of "These Walls" with a humorous acrylic. Corey Holcomb and Terry Crews provided much comedic relief to illustrate a song with a diverse premise. This method reminded me of the GOAT, Michael Jackson and one of his many greatest hits "Remember the Time". The formula is simple but impactful, recognizable faces, eclectic setting, and a creative hook. K-Dot accomplished his hook with featuring a snippet of I(heart)Memphis' viral song and dance "Hit the Quan". In addition, to cameos from fellow TDE family, SZA and Isaiah Rashad

    I believe all of hip-hop should learn from this example of execution. Create a emotionally charged album then paint visuals that further exert the artist's imagination into reality. I wonder if Kendrick is cooking up more life in his soulful kitchen, only heaven knows, but for now just get full from one of the greatest we have. Peace and Enjoy Life