All about King

photo by Roseography

photo by Roseography

  • Born & raised in Jackson, TN

  • Graduate - Clark Atlanta University C/o 201


I am an individual existing in this world of lust, love, and luck. Consistently cohabiting in society with the eclectic, the simple, and the unbothered. I am a new form of renaissance man, steadily becoming a polymath. I am being of balance, for example, I am a creative but organized, emotional but logical. I aspire to change the world with me simply being me. I hope I inspire you to join me on this journey of introspection and progression, like the old saying there is always room for improvement. I plan to grow my self into the best King I can be, giving you words of positivity and perspective that enlightens or just to marinate in your mind. 

I have been considered a jack of all trades, respectively, but I have gained a proficient level of knowledge in useful skills such as Podcasting, Creative Directing, Writing, Public Speaking, Event Planning,& Photography. I have a passion for helping others become better people. By finding their passion, improving the required skills to gain their definition of success within their passion.

We need a revolution. A paradigm shift of the mind claim your places on the throne you deserve and rule your universe.